Oxfam loving.

I was fortunate enough be asked to bake for an Oxfam event, the Antea Povertea Tea Party at Monash Uni. The party was held to raised awareness about the importance of fairtrade and labour rights. I felt so lucky to be part of such an event!

In going with the themed of fairtrade, I used organic fairtrade chocolate and cocoa powder in my macca-cakes (cupcake + macaron on top). I decided to stick to flavours people would dive in for rather than my quirky flavour combinations such as strawberry basil or nasi lemak! haha

I made fudgey chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese buttercream frosting topped with mint chocolate macarons that have the oxfam logo stenciled onto them.

The stenciling of the logos were more time consuming than expected but it was all worth it in the end as they added a personalized touch for the event! So glad they were well received by the crowd.

Don't forget to check out Oxfam's website for more info:

Start here for a bit more information about the rationale of Fairtrade and other issues relating to food access and food justice: http://www.oxfam.org.au/ex​plore/trade

See here for more information about the GROW campaign:http://www.oxfam.org.au/grow/

And see here for news about Monash becoming Australia's fourth Fairtrade university:http://www.fsd.monash.edu.​au/environmental-sustainab​ility/news/monash-becomes-​fair-trade-university

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