drama addiciton

im hooked.
hooked on watching this drama series called gossip girls.
so much so im actually blogging about it.

its like a cross between OC and one tree hill.
just with more girl talk, more scandals and definitely a saucier storyline to go with it.

i actually think that all this gossip girl watching from the minute i come home after sch to when i go to bed is actually getting to me.
like seriously.
the bimbo in me is rising.
from possible hibernation.
or....just enhancing it.

i feel inclined to paint my nails bright red.
go on a shopping spree.
and bitch with my girlfriends.
its TOTALLY freaky.

how television influences people.
how just staring at a screen can make you feel inclined to do something you didnt feel like doing a moment ago.
like watching a chocolate advertisement for example.
the cadbury chocolate just seems THAT much more tempting after a chocolate ad.

so yes.
television has a intriguing power on the minds of weak individuals.
hopefully not me.

we'll see if i go on a shopping rampage tomorrow.
that will tell.


xoxogossipgirl said...

HA! so how bimbotic did you get?
Bought wayy too much lingerie??

Clara said...

LOL. im afraid to say you guessed it right. can never resist a good bargain when i see one.=X
was even considering on getting my nails done! hahaha