coin coffee exchange programme.

i think there is an increase in the tendency for people to buy other people coffee when they have too much change in their pocket.
like today, i have about 18 bucks worth of coins in my purse.
and i had the strong inclination to buy random people coffee
just to lighten the load in my bag.

if u missed me today...

18 bucks worth of coins
equates to 6 cups of coffee.
which produces 6 happy friends.
or just 5 if one of them is greedy or is an caffeine addict.

if my theory is right.
then instead of having 5 and 10 dollar notes
we should have coins for them instead.

then more free coffees would be given

now. wouldnt that be nice.

oh. by the way. this theory also applies for hot chocolate too.
in case youre not a coffee fan.


Sammie said...

what about bubble tea? :D

Clara said...

mmmmmm... bubble tea. i like peach milk tea. and yes. of course bubble tea can do too. =)