when disaster strikes. (aka school)

school has begun.
and on monday. i had such bad blues i felt like i needed to go to the doctor to get some prescriptions.

in addition to the blues.
my phone got wrecked.
i dropped it while running across the street in the rain.
now the cover is all screwy.
and when i tried to fix it back ingeniously with a pen knife,
i somehow managed to be clara.
and so the stupidest thing ever happened.
i scratched my camera lens.

how fantastic.
the mark of an excellent school year ahead.

and NO.
i do not have internet.
i am still surviving on computer labs and friends.

mind the angst.
its the lack of internet talking.

i realise how reliant people are on the net now a days.
its like..
no internet = DEATH

lucky for me.
its wasnt fatal.
as i could find various other temporary reliefs.

did i tell u how i love my leather jacket.
i decided to say it despite how superficial it sounds.
cause i REALLY do.

when i put it on.
i feel like the female version of fonzie on the show happy days.
or the guy in grease.

ha. so COOOL.
i shall not rant on about how uncool i am to the extent that i need a leather jacket to be one.
oh no.
i just spoke the truth.
as wells.
too late.

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